Interview with Chiodos: The Great SaltAir

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//November 12, 2006

Chiodos, the greatest band you’ll ever see live is also down to Earth.  Recalling the last time I truly had the chance of hanging out with Chiodos, prior to being signed to Equal Vision, we reminisced about just exactly where the title for their song No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room came from.  Originated right here in Provo, Utah, bassist, Matt Goddard, and guitarist, Pat McManaman recall with fond humor an after-show party in which random, drunken hardcore dancing took place in a mutual friend’s living room.  If I recall correctly, we were all dancing to The Locusts.  Swinging arms and ninja kicks flew between a handful of dedicated fans until the record player was disjointed from the stereo system, something was sent flying through the front window, and someone attempted to skateboard off of a living room chair.  Good times indeed, Chiodos is a band that’s memorable in every sense of the word.  A popular band indeed, having been asked nearly everything, I tried to get a few details on the random issues. 

Who chose the name Chiodos, and what horror film did it come from?

Matt:  It’s from Killer Clowns from Outerspace.  Me and Craig picked it out.  It was like a vision.  An angel came down and was like, “Watch this movie!”

Pat:  Didn’t he look like Behelzebub?

Matt:  Yes, the devil told us to do it. 

I want to hear about the controversy with Sonny from First to Last.  Why did they try to sue for the tour?

Matt:  I don’t know if I’m suppose to talk about it.  I don’t know.  I’m not aloud to talk about that!!!  More fun less controversial!

You guys tour a lot, is it something that you like to do?

Matt:  Yea, when I was growing up I always wanted to be a viking and an astronaut.  This is kind of like those two jobs put together. 

Pat:  We don’t rape and pilage as much.

Matt:  Yea, that’s where the astronaut part comes in.

How do you feel about the speed of your popularity?

Matt:  It’s cool.  I mean going into the band and playing, I didn’t really expect it.  I’m just here to play and anything good that comes out of it I’m stoked about it.  It’s pretty crazy.  I didn’t know or expect anything like this out of it.

Who are your biggest influences and how did they change as the band evolved?

Matt:  They haven’t really changed at all.  Stuff I was into, that I listened to for years was like Saves The Day.  Journey.  I love Journey.  311, no, I’m just kidding.

What do you miss most when you’re on tour?

Matt:  My bed.  Wait.  Let me put this in order – my wife, my bed, the obvious.  I miss regular food.  There’s this Thai place I go to, this shitty bar I go to.  I guess my Mom and Dad, my sisters, and my brother.

Pat:  You guess!

Matt:  I miss honey bagels with cream cheese and salami, TV, and my computer.  That’s it. 

How is it being married on tour?

Matt:  She’s in graduate school.  It’s probably better that I’m not home to waste her time. 

What’s the weirdest way that people have ever pronounced Chiodos?

Matt:  Cheerios.  Key-ode-os.  Chodes – that one never gets old.

How do you feel about Sonny and From First to Last?

Matt:  Oh all the rest of the guys are awesome. 

Oh wait you can’t talk about it.

Matt:  That’s right!  Can’t talk about it…

That’s so funny!

Matt:  Sorry.

They had a big thing with the Warped Tour this year too.

Matt:  On and off stage they are totally different people.

How are you different on stage?

Matt:  A lot more homo-erotic.  I do a lot more pelvic thrusts on stage then I do in the general public.

But you do it at home and in your shower?

Matt:  In the shower I’m singing, pelvic thrusting, and washing!

Pat:  I just wash.

Matt:  Usually I lay down, take a nap.

Do you all have formal music training or teach yourselves?

Matt:  I grew up in orchestra from fifth grade until I was a Senior.  Didn’t Jason play like the clarinet or something gay like that.

Weren’t you in High School musicals?

Brad and Craig were.  I went my Senior year and saw them.

What did they do?

Pat:  Bye Bye Birdie.

Matt:  He had his hair dyed black and it was all sleeked back.

What made you guys decide to go from orchestra to Chiodos?

Matt:  I played violin and I had a friend who played bass.  He wanted me to switch over and come to the bass section, the dark side!  I don’t really play violin anymore so I went with that.  The bass guitar is the same thing as an upright bass so then I played bass guitar.

Is there anyone you hate?

Pat:  Tim Hobbs!  He’s a fucking idiot?

Why’s he an idiot?

Pat:  He’s just a friend.

Ok.  If you could be any cartoon character from anything growing up, who would you be?

Pat:  Drooby the Dog.

Matt:  You’re such a downer!  I would be, that’s such a good question, I would be Fry from Futurama.  I can relate to him.

Not a Ninja Turtle?

Matt:  They’re cool, but I don’t want to be a turtle. 

What about the Asian kid from Captain Planet?  Power of Heart!  Do you remember the Captain Planet song?

Matt:  (Sings)  Captain Planet he’s our hero… I could write down the whole song.

I’ll expect a hardcore version!